The exhibition, Soft Transference, explores the relationship of the body to electronic devices and ambient electric fields.

Occupying the majority of the space, imPulse is composed of an accumulation of reclaimed audio equipment that is repurposed to generate a physically responsive field. Imperceptible electric impulses from the skin are detected as sound signals and projected into the exhibition space at infrasonic frequencies (below the range of hearing). In this way, imPulse transforms the space between participants and their surroundings through the intermingling of personal sound signatures. 

imPulse, 2011. reclaimed speaker cones, graphite clay interfaces, computer, custom Pure Data program.

Resonant Variation explores the relationship of the body to everyday electronic devices. In this work, the artists heartbeat is captured through a delicate handling of the digital cameras depth of field. These visual variations are accompanied by sonic variations that activate the surrounding architecture.

Resonant Variation, 2011. video monitors, DVD player, motion detector, architecturally embedded transducers, custom circuit board, Arduino microprocessor.

Soft Transference allows visitors to explore the dynamic relation that exists between people, objects and technologies

Past Exhibit

Sept 9 - Oct 30 2011
Art-Image, Gatineau