Entre is a series of contour mappings that explore the anatomy of the body as elevations. The graphite drawing series references medical imaging techniques while the sculptural translation of the 2D drawings reorient the images sequentially into space. In this orientation, the cumulative images make reference to the 3D motion of sound waves through air or vibrations through water to develop a visual language that negotiates transitory states between physical, mental and spiritual temporalities in an interchange with the surrounding environment.

“Metramorphosis is a process of inter-psychic communication and transformation that transgresses the borders of the individual subject and takes place between several entities.” Bracha Ettinger “Weaving a Woman Artist.” Theory Culture Society 21, no. 69 (2004): 77.

Material: Transparent vinyl scroll, cotton twine, red wine, metal, plexiglass rods, graphite, parchment paper, magnets, custom light box.

34’ x 2’ vinyl scroll
550’ cotton twine
13 bottles red wine