In this multi-sensory installation, a Pure Data program transforms live sound into silent speaker motion by transposing the pitch of ambient sound to sub-audible levels. The resulting movements generate visual and sonic variations through the oscillation of fine ball chains. As the ends of the extensions make contact with the floor they produce an audible and visual interpretation of the sonic field by displacing and redrawing remnants of activity through the gradual erosion of piles of white sand. In this way, the work renders the immateriality of sound as a tangible event by silencing and reinterpreting the data of everyday life.



Minutiae is a collection of fingerprint data mapped onto a paper scroll and played thorough a custom motorized music box.  The data of individuals who posted their fingerprints online are plotted using the same strategies as image processing techniques used by fingerprint analysis technology. This compilation of biometric minutiae explores the interrelation of data sonification and visualization to reveal the sound signatures of peoples digital identities.

Repurposed speaker box, plexiglass, music box mechanism, motorized pinch roller, contact microphone and custom amplifier, paper scroll.
Motorization completed with the assistance of Michael Grant.


Dress for breathing

An activated sculpture using the body and clothing as site to visualize and extend into space the motion of unconfined breathing. This work references the history of bodily confinement in women's clothing designed to corset the body.  The dress is altered to free the motion of breathing and extends this motion into the space around the body using fine metal rods that trace aspects of the wearers physical anatomy. Subtle sounds are generated by copper wires as the metal rods move in response to the breath.

altered velvet dress, metal rods, copper wire, interfacing.



Transmission is an assemblage of individual square rods of steel. Each rod is hand wrought from a process of mapping different frequencies of sound occurring at the same amplitude from drawings in graphite into individual metal lines. These elements can be arranged in response to the architectural environment and the movement of sound through the space. The interplay between 2D and 3D is also explored through an optical illusion (seen below) in which  the waveforms rise three dimensionally from the floor. This piece was documented at Patrick Mikhail Gallery as part of the Interface Exhibition. 



Audio tracks are introduced and mixed live by the participants choice of location in the space. These sounds include a collections of sound marks, keynotes and everyday activities from community spaces across the globe. As listeners move through the installation space, sounds intermingle to generate nonlinear collages that establish an imaginary sense of place by shifting locational associations.

Reclaimed speakers, arduino, light sensors, custom program, custom electronic relay board, wav players, amplifier boards, suitcase, metal armature.