The desire to create interpersonal exchanges beyond architectural boundaries became a personal undertaking for me when I traveled with my family and a small group to assist in the development of a childrens camp at a remote village in the Cree nation of Nemaska in Northern Quebec. 

I was struck by the devastation to the local community that had been brought on by a series of forest fires in the area. The scorched trees were desolate in the landscape and stood as reminders of the hardship that the fires had brought to the surrounding community.

This work was make possible by a tireless group of volunteers who collected the trees and discarded signage that I selected and transported them from Nemaska back to Ottawa. With their assistance, I hung the trees in BoX artspace, a space devoted to sharing art and music with the community. 

Each inverted tree suspended from the 25-foot high ceiling was carefully placed to create paths through the installation. As viewers walk in the space, air currents displace the trees generating a delicate motion.Some spaces are dense with trees, while others leave open areas where visitors can experience the movement created in the space.